Public Lunch 1918 Public Lunch
4916—50th Avenue
2013 A&J Family Restaurant

Wong Yet arrived in Canada from China and settled in Olds in 1900. In 1903, his son
Wong Pond joined him and they opened the Public Lunch in 1918

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Brown Residence Vignette
4809—49th Avenue
The Brown Residence

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brown arrived in Olds around 1902. Mr. Brown ran a meat market
and Mrs. Bell Brown ran a confectionary and was also a milliner
(a maker of ladies hats).

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AGT Vignette
5038 – 50th Street
1920 Alberta Government Telephone

2013 Mountain View Museum
Telephone service first came to Olds in the fall of 1903, when the Bell Telephone system built a long distance line from Calgary to Edmonton. Alberta Government Telephone bought all Bell’s holdings in the province April 1, 1908.

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Shackleton Block Vignette
5012—50th Avenue
1905 Shackleton Block

2013 Stonewood Grill

Fred Shackleton was a businessman who came to Olds sometime prior to 1894. He operated a barber shop and later, a general store.

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Craig Thumbnail
W.M. Craig & Co.
5102—50th Avenue
1900 W.M. Craig & Co.
The People’s Store

W.M. Craig arrived in Olds from Quebec in 1898 and opened the People’s Store in 1900 in the former R.W. Logan hall. The store occupied the main floor, while dances and other social events were held on the second story.

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Matfair Theater
Mayfair Theater
4910 - 50th Avenue
1925 Mayfair Theatre
2013 Mayfair Cinema

The Mayfair Theatre was built in 1925 by Wong Pond and his son Frank Wong in partnership with W.H.B. Sharp of Calgary–based Sharp’s Theatre Supplies.

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